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Anthony & Marion
Anthony & Marion

My name is Marion and I live in New Zealand since 2005. I am from Frankfurt/Main, Germany.  I have seen New Zealand for the first time as a tourist in 2004 and fell in love with it immediately. Already 6 months later I immigrated here to attend a Tour Guiding School - and as chance would have it, I met my husband Tony, a real Kiwi, during that time.

Since then we gained experience in Tourism, have travelled our wonderful islands extensively and have gotten to know them really well. Both of us did not want to live in a large city anymore, so we settled down in Taupo, a small town in the middle of the North Island. My husband and I manage a travel agency that is specialised in custom tours. Personal care and creative holiday planning are only a part of our services. We are specialised to prepare the ideal itinerary for our clients.

New Zealand
New Zealand has been discovered about 1,000 years ago, being the last land mass discovered by humans. These humans were Polynesian peoples who developed into the Maori people we have today. European explorers saw these islands as late as 1642 but as they were attacked by the local tribes they did not set foot on land. That honour goes to Captain James Cook and his ships over 100 years later.

Having been isolated for so long, our nature has developed to show everything from a sedate rural setting with soft green hills to dramatic mountain ranges that are still growing and amazing coastlines that will tease you into one photo after the other. It is no wonder that so many movies have been and are being shot here! And the Kiwis (Maori and otherwise) welcome you with great hospitality and a laid-back attitude that is so typical for New Zealand.